June 1-5, 2020


EdMedia Emerging Scholar Stream

Did you know that EdMedia + Innovate Learning hosts a “conference within a conference”
specifically for Ph.D. candidates, Masters students, and new faculty?

The Emerging Scholar Stream offers a special session each day.

These sessions will all take place in the beautiful Koepelzaal.


The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) is proud to offer a special stream of talks, clinics, discussions and social events specifically tailored for emerging scholars and graduate students, at the EdMedia + Innovate Learning conference. Each day will provide an extravaganza of events with the opportunity for discussions, informal conversations, and social opportunities at the end of the day.

The stream will also appeal to supervisors, advisors, early career researchers and others interested in the conduct of research in educational technology fields. This stream has several activities designed to give you a rich and meaningful experience in the conference.

Day 1 / Tips and Tools: How to get the Best Out of the 2020 Conference 

Presenters: Joyce Johnston and Verona Leendertz
This session targets beginning conferees or those who would like to enhance their previous experiences. The ESS Co-Chairs will help you extract new ideas from the conference sessions, meet senior professionals, create networks with peers and researchers from the conference and broaden your horizons—as well as your friendships–at the social events.

Social Event: A Night Out In Amsterdam

8:00-10:00 PM, Meet in Hotel Lobby

Leader: Verona Leendertz

Join with fellow grad students plus anyone else who wants to explore a social night out on the town in Amsterdam.  All conferees are invited!  Meet up with local Executive Committee members in the hotel bar area for group departure.

Day 2 / International Networking: Finding Research Colleagues Outside Your University

Presenter:  Erkko Sointu, University of Eastern Finland
With more than 50 co-authors, Erkko Sointu is an expert on outreach, collaboration and funding for research teams across institutions.  His Fulbright project even included building a website to help colleagues network while helping yourself.  Now he is sharing his expertise, tips and tricks with you starting from inside your institution, then moving out into the international research community.

Day 3 /  Graduate Student Panel

Presenters:  Koen DePryck, Universiteit Brussels; Belgium, Abby-Gail Blanchard , FHR Institute for Higher Education, Suriname; Yashtee Gowreea, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Institute of Knowledge Management, Belgium; Veruschka Pelser-Carstens and Koos De Villiers, both of North-West University, South Africa
In this panel, graduate students discuss topics including the value(s) of participating in conferences, conferences as stepping stones toward publication, networking, difficulties and thresholds facing graduate students from low-and-medium income countries.

Day 4 / Reviewing ED + IL 2020 to Plan for ED + IL 2021

Presenters:  Verona Leendertz and Joyce Johnston
Appraise your conference experience as you appreciate what you’ve learned, compile the contacts you would like to pursue and contribute to the networks you have joined. Conclude by formulating follow-up ideas for future conferences, especially  EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2020.

The ESS Also Includes:

  • Social networking opportunities through AcademicExperts to facilitate discussion during and after the conference, and a dedicated Twitter stream #EmergingScholars
  • A special Emerging Scholar Reception to welcome you, and to provide opportunities to mix with other students and researchers
  • Daily social activities, discussions, and informal gathering with other emerging scholars and the Edmedia Executive Committee
  • An Outstanding Paper award presented to a paper where the author (or first named author) is a student.
  • Help or feedback on your presentation slides provided every day by the EdMedia planning group member during the “Presentation Help-Sessions”
  • On-going networking and social interactions among research peers and experts in the conference

Did you know?

  • AACE and EdMedia offer this program as a service to graduate students by presenting high quality, research training opportunities.
  • The Emerging Scholar program is available for registered attendees at the EdMedia + Innovate Learning Conference. Special registration is not required to attend!
  • Your home institution might consider structuring a readings/seminar course or independent study contract for you that includes attendance at these and other EdMedia sessions as part of the course requirements.
  • You may be able to use the Emerging Scholar sessions to gain credit towards your degree.

ESS Chairs

Joyce F. Johnston, George Mason University

Verona Leendertz, North West University South Africa

2013 Emerging Scholars Stream